2nd Cambio

Millaray has an official baptismal date and she’s been to church 2 times. We’re aiming for the 22nd of July because we can and she’s met with our district leader and her mom signed the papers for him on Saturday so the ball is rolling. First baptism here we come. Now we just need to work on getting more youth there to create a sort of support group cuz if you have a bunch of kids who can be friends you have a pretty solid branch. That’s our goal. Continue reading “2nd Cambio”

Week 6

Somethings you should all know about chile. They like to say po as a filler word of sorts so instead of saying si they would say si po, and they like to just end a lot of sentences with po. Of course that depends on the person for how much they do it. Some people say it a whole lot and others hardly ever. Completos are very important here. It’s kind of like a trademark Chilean thing. They are like hot dogs but a billion times better. Normally for a traditional Completo you have a very large bun with a hot dog and some tomatoes and guacamole in it and mayo on top. It’s pretty much the best.

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Semana 5

Sorry for not writing yesterday. We had a Holiday here in Chile for one of the saints and the Library (Where we get to write for free!) was closed so we had to wait an extra day to write. This week has been pretty cool. We did drop a lot of our investigators who weren’t progressing and we felt would continue to not progress, and we’ve already found a few new investigators who are amazing and very close to gold, but a quick word about one of our older investigators. Joaquin who is 17 finally prayed, and he now believes in God, which is a huge step in the right direction. He never got around to it which I honestly understand, my prayers up until my mission kind of sucked and it’s because I never felt the need to really put effort into it, I just did it because I was supposed to. Continue reading “Semana 5”


Sorry for not answering the questions in the letter I sent it before I read your letter so here are my answers.
How long does it take to get to Concepción? About an hour.
Where do you shop there? All over. It’s a pretty big city with lots of stores, but we aren’t allowed to go to conce to shop anymore because it’s outside of our mission so we need the mission president’s permission to go.
Why is the meal called oncecita? I think they used to do it at 11 because the men wanted alcohol and the women were like let’s do it later so you can sleep off the craziness, but now it’s just the replacement for dinner at about 7-8.

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Semana 4!


I can’t believe I only have 2 weeks left in this cambio. Time flies when you’re doing the Lord’s work. So I´m going to be honest, these weeks have been a little rough. We have 9 investigators/investigator families and so far not a single one of them is progressing. A couple are completing their commitments but they aren’t going to church, so basically me and Hna. Clark feel like we’re running in circles and not accomplishing anything, so this week we are going to kill test pretty much all of our investigators which means we’re going to politely threaten to drop them and see if that motivates them to start going if not next week we’re going to start from scratch.

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Week 3 in Chile

Hi all.

To answer questions.
I live in a house with my companion and the other 2 sisters. The members normally feed us so much for lunch because that’s the biggest meal here that I just have some milo which is kind of like hot chocolate and toast or something for breakfast and dinner doesn’t always happen because we’re usually running but we might eat some cookies or have an oncecita with an investigator. Continue reading “Week 3 in Chile”

Week 2 in Chile

To answer questions:

So Chile is Super cold. It never goes beneath freezing, but it´s humid and therefore feels even more cold than it is and will go right through clothes if you aren´t wearing enough. So far it doesn´t rain a ton, but it has rained later in the day the last few days. In Santa Juana there are 4 missionaries in total consisting of myself Hna Clark, Hna Aros, and Hna Steed. That´s right no Elders, but we do have Gabriel as our stand in soon to be Elder missionary.

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Week 1 in Chile

I have acne! can you believe it? I mean I´ve had acne before, but not very bad acne, and never around my nose. I´ve got crazy acne on and around my nose. It´s kind of wierd, and this started about a day and a half ago so I´m not used to it yet. So I arrived in Chile last week on Tuesday morning. There were 12 new missionaries total that day. It was fun. Continue reading “Week 1 in Chile”

Mission President’s Welcome

Dear Family of Sister Holladay,

Sister May and I are delighted to inform you that we have welcomed Sister Holladay to the Chile Concepcion South Mission.  We went to the Mission office for almuerzo (lunch) after welcoming her to Concepcion.  Enclosed is a photograph taken on that occasion in the Mission office.  Later we had an orientation meeting in which your daughter met Sister Clark, her first companion and trainer.  Sister Clark is an excellent missionary and was prayerfully chosen for this calling.  They are assigned to work in the San Pedro Zone, in the La Marina sector of our mission. Continue reading “Mission President’s Welcome”

Week 3 (the end is nigh)


so I leave for the mission on Monday. My flight leaves at 7 pm and it´s 8 hours long, then when we arrive we wait 4 hours and have another 1 and a half hour flight to get us down to our mission. So we´ll arrive early in the morning on Tuesday. Hopefully we can sleep, but I don´t know if that will happen, because my sweet companion doesn´t sleep well on planes and I don´t want to leave her awake and lonesome.

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