9 Months

I’ve now finished half of my mission, timewise anyway. It’s a little weird cuz it feels like i got here yesterday and I’m going home tomorrow. I love you guys all a ton and want to be with you, but at the same time I still have so much to learn and do here. I’m grateful that I still have 9 months left. Sorry for the trunkiness. 🙂

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Every transfer that we have is 6 weeks. On the sixth week they call us Saturday night to tell us if we’re leaving or not and then on Tuesday we travel to new sectors. I’m staying in Temuco Cautin and Hna. Morante is going to Los Angeles with Hna. Gomez from Brazil. I’m going to be with another American, Hna. Ellis. She arrived with Hna. Morante.

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Pure Craziness

Just so you all know Hna. Morante is my 7th companion and I’ve never had a companion that is so crazy. I mean that in a good way. I forgot to tell you last week, but 2 mondays ago she pierced my ears with a needle. We put some ice against my ear until I couldn’t feel it very well and then she just stuck that thing in there. It hurt a little bit, but not too bad. So now I’ve got earrings. 🙂 I’ll attach some photos down below.

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So this week was fun. We’re teaching a ton of Haitians and this friday we invited them to a family home evening with this member family where the 2 kids are return missionaries who’ve already got their fiances and everything. We brought 6 of our investigators. They’re all super cool and they shared a message about baptism leaving the invitation to pray and read the Book of Mormon to know if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints really is the only church that has the power and authority of God. The spirit was so strong in that lesson and then we had 7 of our investigators in church on Sunday. It was amazing. I’ve never in my life seen so many investigators all together at once learning about the gospel and the members were super great and friendly and made them feel comfortable and at home even though they don’t speak Spanish very well.

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Hello all.

I gotta tell you I really kind of suck at using my time well on the computer because I have so many freaking things to do and only an hour to do it. But, oh well. I will be sending more photos to try and make up.
I want to give a small update this week. We are teaching a bunch of Haitians, because a ton a moving to Chile for new opportunities, but the majority don’t have any money and they don’t speak spanish. We have some spanish classes going at the church and we invite pretty much every Haitian that we see. I’ve honestly never known a more open people in all of my life. Within 2 seconds they’re willing to get baptized cuz they want to change their life for the better and get closer to God. We’re teaching a few in Spanish and English and trying to help them gain a testimony. It’s pretty great.

The City

So… my greatest fear has come to pass and I got moved to the city. I’m now serving in Temuco (Cautin is the name of my sector inside the city). Here we have a ward that’s trying to not be downgraded to a branch because at the moment about 20-30 people are attending regularly.

Cambios were yesterday because they wanted to send the missionaries who were finishing their mission home as quickly as possible. That’s why I’m writing today.

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La Misión

This week we recommitted Nelly to not smoke and heart attacked her door with motivational stuff. She kept everything there and said it would help her to remember as she tries to leave the house to buy cigarettes cuz they never keep cigarettes in their house. We were going to cook them breakfast and bring them to church but they ended up taking Joaquin their 4 year old to the hospital the night before and they didn’t get to bed til really late (or really early not sure). They slept in until 12. We visited them in the afternoon though and Joaquin will be ok he just had a weird reaction from being too nervous. They gave him some medicine and he’s doing better. We’ll probably take them to church next week.

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Anything is Possible

This week we taught the word of wisdom to Nelly and Jonny and we are now helping Nelly to quit smoking. She’s currently got 4 days free of smoking. In our first lesson with them on Tuesday we taught them the commandment and challenged them to keep it. Then Nelly was all like, uhh no offense but you guys have never had an addiction like this and it’s going to be really hard so I can’t just drop it like that. I’ll try to drop it little by little, but I can’t do it all at once. We went away from that lesson feeling sad and defeated a little bit. I then spoke with a missionary who has helped many people to quit smoking, including themself, and got some really good advice. We returned to Nelly and Jonnys house on Thursday and taught them about how we have to choose in this life who we will follow, (God or Satan) and what we decide affects what happens to us after this life. I then said, trusting on the spirit and trying to show all the confidence cuz I knew what I was saying was true, Nelly do you believe God can do miracles? She said yes. I then continued to explain to her that it’s true that he does and how with him anything is possible. He sent me and Hna. Gourley to help her and he would help her as she prayed and everything so that she can stop smoking. I had to ask her to commit to quit smoking 3 times. The third time she said yes and I knew she meant it. We then were like ok Nelly in that case we have a present for you. We then handed her 2 handfuls of packets of gum as well as a box of vitamin c, and then asked her when she normally smokes marked it down in our agendas and told her that we would be calling her at those times. Now she’s gone 4 days without smoking. I know that anything is possible with the help of god and that he will bless us for making sacrifices and giving our best.

Little by Little

So, the mission is tough, but it’s worth it. There are so many things you have to learn, how to teach, how to create conversation with strangers out of thin air and relate it to something specific (The gospel), how to plan well and make good goals, how to organize activities, how to be selfless (That one’s hard), All the doctrine, a stronger testimony and much much more. Honestly I feel like I fail in many areas and I’m very much lacking as a missionary, but I’ve learned and continue to learn that God is perfect and that Jesus Christ paid the price for my imperfections, and they literally love me unconditionally no matter how many times I mess up (It’s a lot) they just help me keep chugging along and learning from my mistakes.

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I really wanna write in spanish which is kind of hilarious cuz I still speak English way too much. It’s kind of hard for me to form my sentences right though. My grammar was bad before the mission but it’s even worse now. 🙂

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