My Year (and a half) Long Project

We’ve always wanted to build a pavilion in our yard. We reserved a place in the front right next to our garden. When Rachel decided to get married in 2014 we thought it was the perfect time to build the pavilion for her outdoor wedding in August. Well, that was the plan anyway. Rachel and Sawyer recently celebrated their first anniversary and welcomed their first child. The pavilion is mostly finished, but still has a couple of finishing touches. Here is my saga in sordid detail… Continue reading “My Year (and a half) Long Project”


My beautiful Family

  • It is my last normal Pday on the mission. Crazy crazy stuff.
  • Jorge only smoked two cigarettes Yesterday!! improvement!!
  • Luis is still MIA- we drop by his apartment at least once a day.
  • Teresa (she just got married) is going to Mexico in just a little bit, and wants to get baptized in October… Yikes.
  • We finally saw Elva again!! (the referral from the Vivint kid.) Her girls are back from their Dad’s so she seems a lot happier. She says she has been reading the BoM, we set up an appointment and now we exercise our faith that she will be there, and we can help her receive this beautiful gospel.

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Satan is Like a Kidney Stone

Hey family-

So last Monday we ended up in the ER from 10-1 in the morning for my companion and a kidney stone. We are still patiently waiting the exit of the stone. It was really weird to be out so late at night, and to be wearing sweat pants out in public. Don’t worry I remembered to grab my name tag. Also, I made sure to film her after they gave her the heavy drugs, so you don’t have to worry about that. Continue reading “Satan is Like a Kidney Stone”

“If they know me.. they shall have peace eternally.”


This week has been one of learning. I’m confident that the Lord has a very clear plan of what he needs us to learn before he puts us back into the world. I’ve learned a lot as a missionary, but my learning definitely wasn’t finished, and I don’t think it’s over yet. Sometimes the Lord sticks us into the fire when we think we need to be having a breezy time. I’m grateful that he still loves me enough to mold me into something different, something better. He truly is our loving Heavenly Father.

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“God does not require that I succeed, only that I try.” Mother Teresa

The computer I was on was being crazy! So this is probably the fifth try to get things running.

As you may have guessed, It was temple Pday this week. yay! Good stuff.

Sounds like you have all been doing well, and enjoying life. That’s good. I can’t wait to see the yard.

We had a great lesson with a girl named Ashley. She’s 19 yrs old was born catholic, and joined the apostolic church when she was 15 yrs old. She told us that lately she hadn’t been feeling very good at her church (hmmm) and then she told us she had been praying to know why, and two days later we showed up at her door (yay). She is nervous about the prospect of needing to change religions again. We were able to testify of what we know and the spirit was very strong. Before we asked, she committed to read and pray about the book of mormon.

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“I hate piel”


Interesting updates and questions email today. Sent from Dad’s email and half written by Elly and Mom. Good team work I guess. It sounds like you are all doing very well, Elly used lots of words like “legit,” “master,” “kicking butt,” etc to describe each of you. So sounds like you are all on top of things. Continue reading ““I hate piel””

Sufficient is the Day

Dear Family-

We went to a nice zone conference in Walla Walla Washington. I was so excited about going to walla walla. It looks just like Salt Lake City. The drive there was beautiful! I was in heaven; we took a road that goes along the Columbia River just about the whole way. aaahhhh 🙂
At zone conference I had to give my departing testimony, it was quite the experience.I thought it was kinda lame, because honestly I’m not a departing missionary. The thing that did make me feel old in the mission was that I knew all of the people that sent in their RM reports… Crazy stuff.

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