People asked me for more info about chile and such so here’s a little bit about that. In Chile we use pesos and about 700 pesos is the same as a dollar. Every month they put 107,000 pesos in my account so I can buy food and personal things and stuff for the house and whatnot. (It varies for different missions cuz they try to give us what we need so that we can live comfortably but not like ridiculously rich or anything) Our House rent is about 200,000 pesos at the moment, but we’re currently looking for a new place to live cuz our house here in victoria is pretty darn ghetto and it’s covered in mold and such so we’re having a house hunt this week. Taxi’s cost about a dollar and 30 cents to go anywhere in Victoria. The people here are pretty darn nice, but they also disappear pretty much every weekend to the country. I’m not sure what they all do, but anytime somebody isn’t going to be home (Usually on the weekends including Sunday) it’s because they’re going to the country. It sounds like it’s the codeword for a party house or something cuz so many people go there. HAHA! Chileans are sweet and the majority of the members when they feed us give us way too much food, so I’ve actually been trying to gain a little bit of weight so that I can eat all of it. At the moment it’s really hard to eat all of the food. 🙂

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The dogs in Chile are super crazy. The other day one of them bit my companion luckily it didn’t even get through her tights, but it did startle us so I threatened it with a rock. That’s what we do here if there’s a threatening dog. You pretend to skip a rock towards it usually in a crouched position and that scares them away. It’s kind of funny cuz we’ve also been showering in a bucket. Our shower has a few problems, but it’s run by gas and we have to buy the gas with cash sadly we ran out of cash so we couldn’t buy any for a couple weeks and we’ve been heating up water in the water heater we have for making tea and hot chocolate and stuff and we’ve been putting it in a bucket. It’s kind of nice cuz I now feel slightly more humble and I now understand even better the importance of being smart with money. 🙂

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6 Months

Not to be trunky or anything, but on Wednesday I’ll be a 6 month old missionary. I can’t believe how the time has flown. I feel like just yesterday I was getting off the plane and hoping to get a latina trainer (That’s a common wish amongst the gringas.) I feel like I’ve worked hard, but haven’t accomplished nearly enough, it’s a good thing I’ve got another year to work.

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So, I realized that I haven’t told you guys much about Tolhuaca, my new home for at least 6 weeks. It’s not actually a city it’s the part of the city Victoria, that’s south of the train tracks. Chile is prettymuch just small hills and flat land. so I’m pretty close to sea level I think. It’s really humid and rainy and cold. Or at least it is sometimes. Then we’ll have a random couple of days that are ridiculously hot, cuz apparently the ozone is thinner or something and the sun is a lot stronger here, and they tell me it’s supposed to get worse as we enter summer. Right now we’re in spring. Victoria is about 5 times bigger than Santa Juana, but my sector Tolhuaca is just about 2 times bigger. It takes about 35-40 minutes to cross it on foot. We have a couple of Elders that we share Tolhuaca with, and our district has 4 companionships, but one of those is the Zone leaders and they normally split up between the two districts in our zone. At the moment we shop mostly at this one store that is called acuenta. It’s like a smaller version of Lider which is Walmart in Chile. It’s cheap and they have prettymuch everything. Then we buy fruit from a fruit store, cuz there’s about fifty here in every city in chile and they’re really cheap. It costs under a dollar for about 2 lbs of bananas or kiwi.

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My new sector is FREAKING AWESOME!!! But seriously. I arrived here and the first person I talked to we have an appointment with. We have 2 investigators who are planning on getting married and then baptized and we’re hoping on doing it this cambio, we just have to wait for him to propose. He wants to make it super cute for her, but he’s got a reputation for taking his time so we’re trying to push him to hurry up and do it. Their names are Nely and Jonny. We also have a ton of inactive members here. Tolhuaca is a branch, but we have enough members in our boundaries to have a ward we just need to activate them all. JAJA! Wish us luck.  Continue reading “Tolhuaca!!!”


Hna. Peña finished her mission yesterday and she’ll be returning home tomorrow. 🙁 It makes me a little sad and a little trunky, but as they say in “Meet the Robinsons” Keep moving forward. As you can see from the title this week we have cambios and they called us Saturday night after we returned home from the baptism. We knew that Hna. Peña was finishing her mission so it was pretty obvious that I would be staying in Santa Juana, or at least that’s what we thought, but then they told us that I’ll be changing sectors as the senior companion in Tolhuaca. I leave tomorrow and my new companion is a gringa from Saratoga Springs her name is Hna. Fritcher, she has 1 less cambio than me. I cried a little bit (a lot a bit) on Sunday when I had to bear my testimony and say goodbye to everybody. Continue reading “Cambios!!!”

Hurrah for Israel


This week was a little crazy. Monday the 11th of September right after my last email our whole zone went to play paintball together. I gotta say I was a little nervous because it was my first time, but it was really fun and I did really well. I only got hit once and it was right at the end. somebody shot me in the hair. I say the hair because it literally didn’t touch me at all it just touched my hair and exploded leaving me a little bit blonder than normal. 🙂 Monday of this week was the 18th of September and everybody had the Chilean flag put up in their yards and we got to eat some barbeque with Fabiola and Yoan a recent convert couple and their son Benjamin. They are literally the cutest family and it was a ton of fun. They finished off our day by taking us to a small river where we threw rocks into a stream, ate some cookies (even though we were over stuffed), and explored an abandoned schoolhouse with a random painting of a creepy clown inside. It was pretty great.

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